A few weeks back we showcased out Forged line, but you may have been asking yourself “These look great, but how are they made?”.
Well sit back because this blog is for you!

It all begins with an idea. Our wheels are created and designed by master engineers to ensure that they are as strong and safe as they are beautiful. After countless hours of designing, revising and testing it is time to begin creating the actual product.

Each wheel starts off as a solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum. From there, the wheel design is loaded into the software and a CNC machine begins to shape the wheel.

Once out of the CNC, our team finishes the wheel by hand and preps it for the next step of the process. The next step is arguably the most fun. Our wheels can be finished using a variety of finishes from standard gloss colors to a wild candy and metallic.

Here you can see some of the casting marks left behind from the CNC that need to be smoothed and finished.

What you’re left with is a beautiful raw wheel, ready to be finished in whatever finish you choose.

Interested in a set of your own?
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